Welcome to the online headquarters of Flinch Books! We’re a small press specializing in tales of adventure written in the spirit of the classic pulp fiction of the early to mid 20th century. Founded in 2015 by Jim Beard and John C. Bruening – two veteran writers and editors from the exotic locale of northern Ohio – Flinch publishes novels and short story anthologies that explore just about every genre imaginable: mystery, science fiction, western, horror, sword and sorcery, occult detective and more. The heroes and villains are bigger than life, the stakes are high, and the next perilous cliffhanger is always just a few pages away.

Come on in and take a look around, and be sure to come back often for news about what’s coming, because we always have new projects in the pipeline.

Get ready for some in-your-face pulp-style adventure, the kind that’ll make ya Flinch!

Latest News

Available Now: A New Quest

Available Now: A New Quest

Flinch fans! We’re proud to announce the release of QUEST FOR THE DELPHI OCULUS: THE CHRONICLES OF CONRAD VON HONIG, by Brian K. Morris. Available in print and eBook formats, QUEST FOR THE DELPHI OCULUS is a novel-length followup to QUEST FOR THE SPACE GODS, the...

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Latest Release

Quest for the Delphi Oculus:The Chronicles of Conrad Von Honig

Quest for the Delphi Oculus:
The Chronicles of Conrad Von Honig

Von Honig is back…and staring into the abyss! Conrad von Honig is done. After committing his entire career to the search for evidence to prove the influence of ancient aliens on human evolution—and enduring the ridicule and derision that have been by-products of that pursuit—the globetrotting writer and adventurer is tired, disillusioned, and ready to give up his quest.

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